Wildflower Tuscan Honey 250 Gr – 8.8 Oz


Wildflower Honey, 250 gr

Wildflower Tuscan Honey Santa Vittoria. The colour of Santa Vittoria wildflower honey varies on the spectrum between light yellow and beige, with dark hints. Its aroma is intense, while the flavour it offers is sweet and lingering. Harvesting takes place between June and September in our farm Santa Vittoria in Valdichiana, Tuscany. After the honey is extracted by mechanical centrifugation, it is left to decant, then packaged without ever undergoing heat treatments for its preservation. Wildflower honey is versatile and can be just as easily added to hot drinks as spread over bread.

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Wildflower Tuscan Honey

Wildflower Tuscan Honey

Wildflower Tuscan Honey

Delight in the rich hues and flavors of Santa Vittoria wildflower honey, ranging from light yellow to beige with dark undertones. Harvested between June and September at our farm in Valdichiana, Tuscany, this honey offers an intense aroma and a lingering sweetness. Extracted through mechanical centrifugation, our honey undergoes minimal processing, never subjected to heat treatments for preservation. Versatile and delectable, it’s perfect in hot drinks or spread over bread. 250 gr / 8.8 Oz

Special Sorbetto Recipes with Our Honey!

Indulge in the sweet finale of a meal with our sorbet recipes. Designed to refresh the palate and aid digestion, these sorbets feature herbs like marjoram and turmeric, known for their excellent digestive properties. Feel free to adapt ingredients based on the season and your taste preferences.


Recipe 1 – Tuscany Summer
Ingredients: 200 gr apple, 300 gr musk melon, 100 gr plum, 100 gr Honey, 3 lemon juice, Mint, Basil, Marjoram, Salt, 1 fresh turmeric root

Cut fruit into small pieces, add honey, lemon juice, and salt, then freeze for at least one day. Blend mint, marjoram, turmeric root, and a pinch of salt and sugar. Gradually add frozen fruit to the blender, creating a smooth, firm cream. Serve in glasses with a garnish of dried fruit and honey, or freeze in molds for sliced ice cream.

Recipe 2 – Mauro’s Vice
Ingredients: 500 gr Nun’s leg pears, 50 gr sugar, 50 gr wildflower honey, 3 lemon juice, Mint, Salt

Follow the instructions from the previous recipe. In a separate jar, blend mascarpone, garlic, and our wildflower honey. Serve it creamy in a glass or frozen. Before serving, add honey, a hazelnut, a spoon of mascarpone with black garlic, and tiny slices of fresh truffle.

Wildflower Honey Natural recipe sorbetto

Wildflower Honey Natural recipe sorbetto




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