Boccon Ghiotti Tuscan pasta. Stone-ground flour made 100% with our durum wheat Cappelli


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LINGUACCE ANCIENT WHEAT DRY PASTA – Delectable Delight – Indulge in the exquisite flavors of our special dry pasta crafted from ancient wheat stone-ground flour. Our unique Low Temperature Drying Process (LTDP) method, conducted at 50°-65°C, ensures the preservation of essential nutritional properties without the formation of harmful substances.

Experience the difference as our LTDP method stands in stark contrast to the high-temperature industrial processes (90°-125°C) employed by many famous pasta brands. Unlike these methods, our LTDP prevents the destruction of vital nutritional elements and eliminates the production of Furosina, a genotoxic agent. Choose quality, choose taste, choose Linguacce Ancient Wheat Dry Pasta for a wholesome dining experience.

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Tuscan Pasta, Paccheri

Tuscan Pasta, Paccheri

Boccon Ghiotti Tuscan dry pasta made with stone ground flour
Ancient durum wheat with special taste.
Special tasty dry pasta. It is made with ancient wheat stone grownd flour and dry with the LTDP method. Only Durum wheat Certified 100% from our farm in Tuscany.
Ingredients: Flour of Ancient Durum Wheat Cappelli, Water.

Our Boccon Ghiotti dry pasta shape (also known as pappardelle) is made following the rules of craftsmanship with use of bronze dies and drying at low temperatures (50°-65°C), exclusively utilizing Stone-Ground Flour  made by Silvestri water mill, using only Durum wheat Certified 100% from our farm in Tuscany. Our Tagliarelle pasta shape of Durum Wheat are manufactured with only genuine ingredients and without added of eggs, they are packaged by hand as want the Ancient Tradition and the type of processing gives them roughness similar to homemade pasta.

The LTDP 50°-65°C method preserve the nutritional properties and doesn’t produce nocive sostance. The hight temperature industrial method 90°-125°C used by the most of the famous pasta brand, destroys the most of nutritional elements and produces Furosina that’s a genotoxic agent.

Ancient Grains Pasta – A Culinary Journey Through Time
Embark on a gastronomic journey with our Old Wheats pasta, a tribute to ancient grain varieties that have stood the test of time for centuries. Collaborating with the renowned Italian University research center CREA, we’ve revived these ancient grains through sustainable practices like Integrated Pest Management on our farm. Our commitment to quality begins with cultivating the finest grains, which are then processed at the historic Silvestri water mill, boasting a legacy spanning 500 years. The result is exceptional stone-ground flour and four distinct pasta varieties that showcase the rich biodiversity of this essential food.

What sets our pasta apart is the harmonious blend of three ancient wheat varieties – Cappelli, Russello, and Tumminia, stone-ground flour from the Silvestri water mill, and the use of the Fabbri family method in crafting our dry pasta. With a century-old tradition, Pastificio Fabbri employs ancient machinery, ensuring an authentic and timeless pasta-making process.

The Fabbri family’s dedication is evident in their meticulous use of a Low Temperature Drying Process (LTDP) at 36°-38°C, preserving the nutritional properties without any harmful substances. This stands in stark contrast to the high-temperature industrial methods employed by major pasta brands, which compromise nutritional elements and produce the genotoxic agent furosine.

The result is a pasta of unparalleled flavor and nutritional value, renowned for its digestibility and suitability for those with gluten intolerance or diabetes. Experience the extraordinary with our Old Wheats pasta – a unique blend of tradition, flavor, and health, perfect for American pasta enthusiasts seeking authenticity and ancient grain goodness.

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