Poggio Grasso IGT Tuscan Red Wine


Bottle 750 ml

Varietal: 100% Nero D’Avola.
Winemaking: Matured in France barriques for 12 months with a bottle ageing of 18 months.
Description: Warm scent of chocolate, blackberry and blueberry, fruity and pleasantly persistent.

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Poggio Grasso IGT, Nero d'Avola

Poggio Grasso IGT, Nero d’Avola

Poggio Grasso – IGT Tuscan red wine
Appellation: IGT Tuscan red Wine

Varietal: 100% Nero D’Avola 
Winemaking: Matured in France barriques for 12 months with a bottle ageing of 18 months. 
Description: Warm scent of chocolate, blackberry and blueberry, fruity and pleasantly persistent. 750 ml

Nero d’Avola grape
Nero D’Avola is known for its superbly bold fruit-driven flavors that range from black cherry to prune.
Body: Nero d’Avola is one of the full-bodied wines of the world in the same boldness as Cabernet SauvignonPinotage, and Syrah.
Tannin: The tannin in Nero d’Avola is high, but not as high as wines like Barolo or Petite Sirah.
Acidity: Acidity in wine ranges from the tartness of a lemon to the creaminess of greek yogurt. With Nero d’Avola you can expect moderately high acidity, but not so tart that the wine tastes overly spicy.
Alcohol: Alcohol level not only determines the level of booziness but also greatly affects the wine’s body. Nero d’Avola typically range from 13.5%–14.5% ABV, which would put them exactly in the “Medium Plus” category–pretty bold! By the way, the flavors shown above are organized based on where the flavor comes from. There are 3 categories of aromas that contain nearly all wine flavors. Primary flavors come from the grape variety itself, Secondary flavors come from winemaking and fermentation, Tertiary flavors come from aging (most typically from oak barrels or oxidation).

Food Pairing with Nero d’Avola

With its bold fruit flavors, robust tannin and acidity, Nero d’Avola is a great wine to match with rich meaty meats.ome classic pairings include oxtail soup and beef stew, but you could easily swap BBQ burgers with bacon and everyone will think you’re a genius. The gamier the meat the better because it will simply make your wine taste more fruity and candy-like. Spices that will pair very well with Nero d’Avola (that you might not have considered) include anise, orange rind, bay leaf, sage, cocoa powder, asian plum sauce, and coffee. If you’re a vegetarian, whip out your black lentils and shitakes and make some beef-less magic.

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