The Winery

Our winery is a special place where our family and collaborators work together to create Tuscan traditional and most innovative wines. It’s a place where tasting and pairing wine.

“It was a dream to share our winery with guests from around the world.”

Historic Family Winery
Founded in 1864, Santa Vittoria was taken over by our family at the beginning of the 1980s. We produce our wines by blending the best grape varieties from our vineyards, including Sangiovese, Pugnitello, Foglia Tonda, Cabernet, Grechetto, Semillon, Malvasia, Traminer, Incrocio Manzoni, and others.

Explore our family-owned Tuscan vineyard, established in 1864. Enjoy a delightful ambiance, guided cellar tours, and wine tastings. Join our tradition and savor the essence of Tuscan hospitality. Cheers!

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Wine Tasting

Santa Vittoria is the place where tasting and pairing wines.Winery tour and wine tasting every day. Book yours now.


A one hour tour of Santa Vittoria winery, includes informations about the winemaking process & history, a tasting of 5 wine labels and EVO oil.
We organize also different experiences such as: private wine pairing experiences, gourmet delights, truffle adventures, and cooking classes featuring ancient wheat. Elevate your culinary journey with our exclusive offerings.

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Farm Shop

Select what’s available from our farm shop and we will ship right to your door for your enjoyment

“Direct sell and ship from farm to table, from vineyards to your glass”


Our shop is open every day for direct selling or for online purchasing at


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The WineryHouse

Your Tuscan Hideaway. Snug apartments, exclusive garden with swimming pool, gourmet delights, truffle adventures, and exquisite wine tastings.

“WineryHouse Estate in the heart of Santa Vittoria’s vineyards”

Our WineryHouse is composed by five apartments villa surrounded by an open garden and our vineyards.

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Canapone the new born

Canapone is the new born at Santa Vittoria winery. Made with Pugnitello

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We’re open from Monday to Friday 8-12 / 14-18 for winery visit and wine tasting.

Saturday and Sunday just for whom who booked before or on calling.

Phone: +39.0575.66629

Welcome to the new born Canapone


A.I.S., Valdichiana Toscana